About the Book


Advance praise for Stanley The Cat:

“Receiving Stanley’s life lessons through Jennifer Freed is like getting mountain spring water through a crystal pipe – nothing is purer.”
—David Millikin
North American Bureau Chief
Agence France Press (AFP)

“As the owner of four dogs and a lover of all animals, I have long believed that we have a lot to learn from our four legged friends. What a teacher I have found in Stanely the Cat! You will laugh, you will cry. You will come away with a better understanding of furry creatures everywhere, and most importantly, a better understanding of yourself.”
—Bianca Kajlich
Television star on Rules of Engagement

“‘Stanley the Cat’ is Jennifer Freed’s loving tribute to her feline companion of many years , wherein she enumerates in so many ways the qualities that sustained a deeply meaningful and long lasting relationship, qualities that can shape the very best in us and in those with whom we want most to share our lives. There is much wisdom here, rendered with simplicity, humor, and grace.”
—Christopher Lloyd
Three time EMMY AWARD winner

“Stanley reminds me that in order to be truly fulfilled, I need not go any further than the world just at the edge of the whiskers on my nose.”
—Kelly Carlin-McCall
Huffington Post Blogger
Daughter of George Carlin

“Not since Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats have I so delighted in the wisdom and humor of the feline race. Stanley is irresistibly smart and true.”
—Lise Haines
author of Girl in the Arena.

“This wise and winning little book can be profitably read many times, and in at least three different ways: First, read it through with the delightfully apt illustrations as they play off the words that apply perfectly equally to two realities, cat and human, at the same time. But then another time, focus entirely on the words alone, full of emotional intelligence and the wisdom of experience. And finally, read it in appreciation of how marvelously Stanley the Cat’s life and personality have been creatively transmitted by his remarkable human companion to convey, with a light spirit and a sure touch, so many valuable insights for living a happier, more centered, and more fruitful life.”
—Richard Tarnas
Bestselling author of The Passion of the Western Mind and Cosmos and Psyche